Polkadot Smart Contract Technology Lab

Patract Labs provides solutions for Polkadot's Parachain Contract ecosystem, provides developers with free development tools and services, supports smart contract parachains within Polkadot's public blockchain network and the enterprise smart contract consortium blockchain based on Polkadot technology, and will also establish an ecological fund to promote the further prosperity of the Polkadot contract ecosystem.



Patract Hub

Polkadot Smart Contract Developer Center. Patract Hub is a community based non-profit organization supported by the Polkadot Council and Treasury. We develop local open source toolkits and one-stop cloud smart IDE, committed to provide free development toolkits and infrastructure services for the entire WASM smart contract ecosystem.


Patract Network

Polkadot smart Contract Parachain networks. Patract Network provides developers with a convenient WASM contract development experience and an advanced running environment, and allows all DOT (or KSM) holders to freely enter, and then directly use DOT (or KSM) to pay fees and participate in governance.


Patract Enterprise

Polkadot enterprise solution provider. Patract Enterprise provides technical services such as Polkadot smart contract development and audit, Polkadot parachain development, and Polkadot technology based consortium blockchain development, and provides software solutions for specific enterprises, community organizations, and governments.


Patract Capital

Polkadot Contract Ecological Incubation Fund. Patract Capital supports potential contract applications and technical directions in the Polkadot community, provides long-term technical guidance and resource matching services, and promotes mutual cooperation to further prosper Polkadot's smart contract ecosystem.